About McPhee & Associates

When McPhee was founded in 1983 there was a lack of affordable reinsurance for the Managed Care Industry. The founder, A. Lloyd McPhee, had to interest reinsurance markets to provide coverage to reinsure HMO catastrophic losses in order to get health plans the type of coverage they really needed. His actions provided a much needed competitive market to overcome the exorbitant rates charged by others offering very limited stop loss coverage at that time.

When health care providers, both hospital and physician organizations, began accepting risk from the health plans the question was “Who would cover catastrophic risk?” There was virtually no coverage available to providers at that time. McPhee stepped in to show reinsurers what the risks were and how to cover them, and then negotiated with them to provide much needed coverage at a price that was within the financial means of the providers.

Several years ago McPhee expanded into the professional liability field when the cost for that product for the healthcare industry went out of sight. McPhee was able to get excellent coverage and great rates for clients and became a major broker in the industry nationally.

For years private and confidential information has been stored on computer databases. With the creation of interactive networks these databases are more accessible to users but also hackers. This has created new liabilty issues for healthcare and other organizations. McPhee immediately researched and found companies that would provide the coverage and continues to educate their staff on the security issues inherent in the use of computer technology.

McPhee & Associates, Inc. operates with this competitive spirit nationally, and enjoys an excellent reputation with its clients in the many states the company writes business. From the outset our organization has eagerly responded to the changing circumstances of the healthcare industry. “Satisfy Client Needs” is the major byword of the organization. By operating on this major principle, we have been successful and, more importantly, our clients are happy.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at 818.541.7900, Fax 818.541.7903 or email info@mcpheeassociates.com